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giuditta i 1907

Giuditta I by Gustav Klimt (1901)

It’s been four months, I have seen five cities and moved twice since the last post.

I do not deny that I had the instinct to publish some articles, nor to have pinned ideas but I often found myself facing an empty Word file. I think it’s called the writer’s block, or something like that.

I only managed to write down quick thoughts, short reflections that I also shared on my Instagram account. But at some point, in the middle of I do not know which trip, I had an intuition: I changed.

You will wonder what is the novelty of this intuition, it is natural, it happens to everyone. Well, it is not the change that is fundamental but the awareness of being changed.

Maybe my own travels made me difficult to perceive the change, so I decided in this space to re-start where everything started, just from my desire to tell women in art, often ignored artists and unknown muses that they live in the history of art. In spite of my changes, this desire and continuous research have not left me, simply walked around and came back, and it seems that in the meantime the speech of women in art has become viral. Beyond the speculations, I think every means is legal for the cause.

A return to the origins of this blog, to women in art, could only start from one of my first artistic “loves”: the women of Klimt. I chose Giuditta I (1901) as a symbol of “my return to the origins”, exorcising the fear of change in the strength of her of a fatal woman, emblem of a world, that of the early 1900s, which feared the power of women, we can well say that to date this has not changed.

To fatal women, like Giuditta,

so that they can face the world always with proud look.

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